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GFSI Global Markets Programme
Roadmap to Safer Food and Market Access

In order for small and medium-sized food business operators to acquire business opportunities, not only deliciousness and product strength, but also safety and security must be built, "food safety management" is indispensable.

Especially in Japan, looking to HACCP institutionalization for food business operators, it is an urgent matter to review not only large companies but food safety management activities managed by medium- and small-sized food business operators. At GFSI, we develop "Global Markets Programme" as a food safety program for small and medium-sized food business operators and encourage their skill development by using this programme around the world.

Even food businesses not assuming large-scale distribution or international trade, it is important that the way of thinking about food safety is accepted internationally. It is also one of the features that facilitates step-up when small and medium-sized food business operators need large-scale distribution and international trade to the next step.

By all means, obtain appropriate knowledge and information for the GFSI Global Market Program to ensure food safety and business opportunities!